Suzanne holds a BA in Communication Arts and an MA in Theological Studies and has served as a part-time chaplain and pastor. She is currently fighting a battle against late-stage lyme disease. Suzanne enjoys writing and speaking on living in the Kingdom of God as a joyful, right-now reality. Together with Carla Sunberg and Jamie Wright, Suzanne coauthored the book Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God and the Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD. She is also a contributor to Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives with the Redbud Writers Guild. Suzanne and her husband David live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they share a fondness for his cooking skills.

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Thank you for stopping by. I am chronically hopeful these days, after battling and being disabled by what we discovered was late-stage neurological Lyme disease in April 2017.

After a long, unbelievably-trying season, a resurrection is underway—and an understanding that each day and each moment matters. While I continue to treat throughout summer 2019, it feels like I am turning important corners and preparing for my “next” in life. The mornings include lots of juicing, exercise, prayer and meditation, and treatments. The afternoons include getting outdoors and seeking to double my joy wherever I can.

My engagement has been understandably limited during this time, and my husband and I are in the process of reimagining our lives.

This fall, I plan to pursue new opportunities we are currently discerning. If you would like to contact me to write or speak on chronic hope in the midst of suffering, the value of girls and women in this world, or the necessity of looking at what has been given, don’t hesitate to use my contact page.

With hope & peace,
Suzanne Burden