Grace and peace to you.

Suzanne is a graduate of Cornerstone University and Grace Theological Seminary and has served as a part-time chaplain and pastor. She is currently fighting a battle against late-stage lyme disease full-time. Some of her favorite things to do are to write and speak on living in the Kingdom of God as a joyful, right-now reality. Together with Carla Sunberg and Jamie Wright, Suzanne coauthored the book Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God and the Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD. She and her husband David live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they share a fondness for his cooking skills.

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Thank you for stopping by. I am still amazed at the friends I find over the keyboard and through the screen. So thank you for listening, reading and seeking for beauty right along with me. 

You enrich my story and teach me about the abundance of the Kingdom of God with your thoughtful, challenging comments, your “me, too’s” and the knowing that in our diversity God has created us to be One, reflecting his love and justice to all.

Let’s stay in touch, shall we, through my quarterly email “The Journal,” and meanwhile, don’t hesitate to drop me a line through my contact page.

Suzanne Burden