An audio interview for the Church on Reclaiming Eve

slider2This week, I had the pleasure of talking about the value of girls and women on the GirlfriendIt radio show and podcast with cohost Patty Lynn Wyatt.

We talked about the two choices women face in the Church of Jesus when claiming their identity:

  • Eve and woman as defined by her sin: easily deceived, dangerous and inferior
  • Eve and woman as defined by God's intentions in Genesis 1 & 2: an ezer/strong power and image-bearer representative of the living God

Other topics included addressing gender-based violence and pornography, answering the question "Should women be elders?" and even my lunch of bacon-wrapped dates. It was nothing if not interesting—and freeing to talk about the value of every girl and woman being unleashed in the Kingdom of God. (28 minutes)

You can take a listen here:

Reclaiming Eve on the GirlfriendIt! Podcast

Your Turn: What's your take on where the Church is at in empowering girls and women in the Kingdom of God? What do you think it will take for us to move forward?