Let's talk about Reclaiming Eve at your church or conference

Reclaiming Eve - flat image“It is a grand and powerful story of God’s plan—for women in His Kingdom, for an amazing alliance between His sons and daughters, for living out the redemption and restoration purchased by Jesus. Suzanne, Carla and Jamie have woven together their stories and the stories of other ezers to portray what can happen when God’s children live out who God made them to be, working together to do the Kingdom work He has given them.”-Judy DouglassWriter & Speaker, Director of Women’s Resources, Cru

"Reclaiming Eve is confessional and narrative and unflinching and graceful all at the same time." -pastor & writer @RyanAlanScott



What does the gospel make possible for women?

Reclaiming Eve shows that it restores them as full partners in God's Kingdom mission.

And story by story, women and men are being set free to live out the strong partnership God intended for them in the beginning.


Interested in inviting me to speak on this powerful and needed message? Here are some ideas on how to bring Reclaiming Eve to your church or conference:

  • Invite me to speak in a Sunday morning worship service: "Allied: Restoring God's Intentions for Men and Women" "Why Women Matter to God" (topical sermons based on the Creation account and gospel references)
  • Invite me to speak at a two-day women's conference or retreat on Reclaiming Eve.
  • Host a one-day "Allied" summit where I speak and men and women discuss reconciliation and partnership in small groups.
  • Invite me to your conference or school to present a talk on what the gospel makes possible for men and women.

Find out more about Reclaiming Eve via this recorded radio interview or this google hangout video

For more information on speaking at your gathering, contact me via this form. I look forward to hearing from you!