A video discussion of the book Mary for Evangelicals: who was the mother of Jesus?

Mary for EvangelicalsI'll just say it: evangelicals in general seem to be oddly afraid of Mary the Mother of Jesus. The book Mary for Evangelicals: Toward an Understanding of the Mother of Our Lord by Tim Perry shakes us up, moves past our fears, and brings us Mary in all her beauty and complexity. I highly recommend you give it a read, as I only scratch the surface on some of its themes here. 

Watch my discoveries about Mary and how the marginalized are not marginal in God's Kingdom:

Video discussion with Suzanne Burden on Mary for Evangelicals by Tim Perry: part 1 from Suzanne Burden on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching. Let's continue the conversation.

What did you always believe about Mary growing up? What new discovery about Mary's story is challenging and inspiring you?

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