My Obligatory Top 3 Posts of 2015

It's been a kicker of a year.

Speaking at two Christian university chapels, starting part-time pastoring at our church, new business opportunities, an article in Christianity Today, meeting a great hero of the faith, taking in a French exchange student, an adoption loss and numerous other things—too many to mention.

I can't say I've felt compelled to write about all of my activities and emotions, or even to process how my theology is evolving, how my life is becoming more richer, more rooted, and more sustainable. 

But if I had written a Christmas newsletter this year, I am happy to say it would have contained the most essential thing we need in life and faith: HOPE.


Tomorrow morning, on New Year's Eve, my eyes will be positioned under a powerful laser. My extreme near-sighted vision, weak since third grade, aided only by powerful contacts and heavy glasses, will hopefully be corrected in four minutes. I am still in awe of this fact. 

Apparently, in these precise moments (moments that provoke what I would call nervous excitement), I will also be aided by two valium and a benadryl, so I'm sure I won't fully appreciate this small wonder until a day or so later. 

Thus, I am posting my top posts of the year now. I hope you enjoy them and that as we all enter 2016, our vision will become clearer in ways we have yet to even anticipate. Not that we won't see the broken and hard things, never that—but that as we do, the relentless light of redemption will remind us the darkness has been, is, and will be overcome by Jesus Christ. Oh, let us have eyes to see.

Post #1: "Leaning In to Our Grief: What Sheryl Sandberg teaches us about tragedy" on Christianity Today's Her•meneutics. 

Post #2: "The Unclean Woman: From hope lost to hope found"  audio at Cornerstone University Chapel, April 2015

Post #3: "Reclaiming Eve" video at Taylor University Chapel, November 2015

As you set words and intentions for 2016, may the light of Christ lead you, may you know that you are loved, may your heart fill with hope, heavy with anticipation and moments of delight. Oh, may we have eyes to see.

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Your turn: What is your favorite post of 2015?

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