Read my article on a Dutch couple who saved 60 Jews during the holocaust

This last week, my December 2015 feature in Christianity Today magazine went live on their website. So now there's no excuse: you can read Diet Eman's and Hein Sietsema's inspiring love story—a story that led them to stand up against the Nazis and rescue Jews during WWII all because of their devotion to Christ—right here.

On a personal note, it gives me great joy to see this story shared with thousands around the world. Just as Diet scrawled "Lo, I am with you always" into the wall of the Schevingen prison during the war, I have been challenged to acknowledge God's steady presence and help during the hardest of times in my life through meeting her. And now, I've been challenged by 95-year-old Eman to memorize Psalm 27, which sustained her during the war. She quoted part of it to me in early December, testifying to God's sure and steady help even today. Will you join me in memorizing this Psalm in 2016?

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?"


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Your turn: How did Diet and Hein's story impact you?