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reclaimingeveblogtourWhat if the primary truth about Eve is different than our strongest impressions of her?

The conversation is happening over radio airwaves, through the blogosphere, around dining room tables and dorm rooms. "There are two stories of Eve," we admit. "But is it possible that the one that says that she is dangerous, easily deceived and inferior is not the primary truth about her or about us as women?"

What if Eve is primarily an imagebearer of the living God, a strong power (Hebrew word: ezer) meant to fully partner with Adam, and what if men and women must fully partner together to reflect God's love and justice to the world? (Full link list below.) 

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  • Coauthor Jamie Wright and I talked about Reclaiming Eve for a full hour on WBCL 90.3 Fort Wayne, Mid-Morning Show with Lynne Ford. Hear the recorded version. Enjoy! It was a pleasure to converse about how highly God values his daughters.

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What about you? How does your journey intersect with the message of Reclaiming Eve?

Praise for #ReclaimingEve: “In these pages, women and men are invited into life that really is life. Reading Reclaiming Eve felt like having coffee with a hip-young wise-old friend. (I hope you’re curious!)  So thank you to Suzanne, Carla and  Jamie for collaborating on this project. It is a gift.” -Margot Starbuck, Author of Unsqueezed:Springing Free From Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stillettos and Not Who I Imagined: Surprised by a Loving God