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ReclaimingEveWebBadgeWhat if the primary truth about Eve is different than our strongest impressions of her?

Praise for #ReclaimingEve: “Reclaiming Eve is a book I wish I could have read in my teens or early twenties, when I was just embarking on the adventure and challenge of ministry. Grounded in Scripture and brought to life by their own real experiences, the authors ennoble women.  I am thrilled to recommend this resource for every daughter of Eve who struggles at times to ground her identity in a solid place, who longs to make a difference for Jesus, and who hears false messages every day from our culture – which would include about every woman I know!” -Nancy Beach, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Champion of the Artists in the Church; Author of Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church

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Great time with the folks of Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI last night talking about how Jesus has set his daughters free. Pictured here with friend and store manager Sue Smith.


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What about you? How does your journey intersect with the message of Reclaiming Eve?