REMIX: A video discussion of Mary for Evangelicals: who was the mother of Jesus? part 3

Mary for EvangelicalsWhat a journey  we've taken into the heart of who Mary is—a multi-layered character painted through the lens of the gospels.  Determined to help us ignore Mary and her story no longer, author Tim Perry has given us a beautiful look at the mother of Jesus.

Catch the first two video discussions here:

Video 1: Mary in the book of Matthew and in the book of Luke: the marginalized are not marginal in God's kingdom

Video 2: Mary in the books of Luke and Acts, the woman who owned her part in the story by saying: "I am your slave. May it be to me as you have said." 

And now, video 3, a fascinating look at what Jesus' beloved disciple, John, has to say about Mary, and how her story announces the right-now-appearing kingdom of God. (Also, a reading of the Magnificat!)

Video discussion with Suzanne Burden on Mary for Evangelicals by Tim Perry: part 3 from Suzanne Burden on Vimeo.

May you be blessed by the story of this woman of great strength, valor, mindfulness, and courage. A wonderful example of how the kingdom of God starts in the margins and reaches out with power, surprising us with its beauty and subversiveness. Always pointing us back to Jesus.

What about Mary's story surprises you? What do we miss when we skip over her importance in the story of Jesus?

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