Sermon Audio: "Ecclesiastes Shatters Our Illusions" by Suzanne Burden

I suppose I have never preached a more personal sermon. Amidst the turmoil and the violence unfolding around us, the puzzling book of Ecclesiastes has a timely message to share. 

There are things in life for which there is no solution. We cannot puzzle life out, make the pieces fit, or seize control when some of the pieces are missing altogether. We don't always have answers.

But we do have a Redeemer. One who is right here, present, and working. Even in the midst of injustice, unfairness, and violence. Join me for a deep dive into this mysterious book of the Bible. Hear our personal story of hope following adoption loss. May our illusions be shattered—every last one—that we might embrace the reality of hope in Christ!

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