Sermon Audio: "Mary: Surprised by Hope to Carry the Gospel" by Suzanne Burden

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The secret is out: I love preaching on women of the Bible. Preparing to tell their stories feels like a great excavation project, where I am uncovering pieces of their stories that are often untold. And, woven throughout their narratives is the beautiful picture God is weaving, of women and men joined as allies, side-by-side, to advance his Kingdom.

Nowhere is this more true than in the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as told through the gospel of Luke. Listen in as we explore Mary's story through Luke—most likely told to him by Mary herself, as she marvels at how God could use such a simple girl for such an amazing task as carrying the Messiah. Filled with hope and a challenge for each of us to make room for the Gospel ourselves.

And watch a one-minute video clip of Mary in "The Nativity Story" here.

Your turn: How does Mary's story inspire you to make room to carry the gospel? What insights have you gained from her example?

Suzanne Burden is a pastor, writer, and friend. But  most importantly, the Beloved of God. She speaks on a variety of topics, including: Women of the Bible, Allied: God's Intentions for Men and Women, Apprenticed to Jesus, and Run Hard, Rest Well: Restoring our Souls through Four Biblical Rhythms of Rest. Contact her here.