Speaking to students at Taylor University on #ReclaimingEve

There are some moments you never forget. Speaking to 1,000 Christian university students about why women matter to God is one of them.

If that wasn't enough, the morning started off with a bang: my nephew, who is a freshman at Taylor, read Genesis 1:26-27 and part of Genesis 2, reading of God's intentions for men and women in the Creation narrative. #proudauntmoment

My husband was sitting to the left, throwing all of his support my way. My sister-in-law showed up with my other nephew and her brother. And my new friend Char, someone who is becoming a mentor to me, sat close by, praying all the way. Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh got up to introduce me and spoke of the importance of reclaiming Eve. And then...


The chain my husband and my nephew and I began to form at the end, uniting with the praise band, symbolizes the essential and ideal team God desires to use—his daughters and his sons, side-by-side, building his Kingdom together.

After the talk, a young woman rushed from the bleachers, tears streaming down her face. I caught her hand, and I saw weight coming off her shoulders as she shared this was just what she needed that day, that God was doing something in her heart, that he was setting her free.

Things only got better from there as I engaged in honest conversation with students and faculty over lunch, mulling over the possibilities of God's ideal team of men and women working together everywhere.

Watch and imagine: what could God do if his church brought men and women together, leaning into the redeemed narrative in Christ? Then post your response below. I can't wait to read them.

On #ReclaimingEve: “I recommend this resource for every daughter of Eve!”
— Nancy Beach, leadership coach, speaker; author, Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church

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