Top posts in 2013

Was it only in July that I hit "publish" and the blog was born?  I was a bit uncertain about raising my voice, and I'm still working on it. But I must say—this blog is teaching me more than I ever dreamed. And I find myself enjoying crafting posts and inviting other voices to participate, to expand our horizons and challenge us to a greater faithfulness to the inbreaking kingdom of God. Most unexpected: the many google searches for "only barren woman in the Bible" that brought visitors, and the pure joy of hearing the stories of others and wrestling through the issues of theology and "what in the world does it mean to follow Jesus?" together.

If you are new or have been hanging around for awhile, thank you. I'm so glad you're here. And I'd love to welcome you as a permanent subscriber. Just enter your email on the right column and hit subscribe. And by all means, please join the conversation!

Here are the top posts for 2013:

  1. Dear Church: "What is a woman if she is not a mother?"
  2. Loving the child-free people in your church
  3. To the male pastor who wants to set women free
  4. Barren guilt by association
  5. How the church can (and must) do better on abuse and divorce
  6. When Jesus exaggerates on divorce, part 2
  7. When Jesus exaggerates on divorce, part 1
  8. If you are without children this Christmas
  9. She Shines: the story of Macrina (a guest post by Dr. Carla Sunberg)
  10. "Back off, dude!" and other ways to fight the sex trade

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