A video discussion of Mary for Evangelicals: Who was the mother of Jesus? part 2

Mary for EvangelicalsThe more I read about Mary, the more grateful I am for her story.  In part 1 of this book discussion, we talked about how Matthew presents her as a side character, while Luke's portrayal of Mary places her in a starring role, showing us that the marginalized are not marginal in God's kingdom.. Watch the video here.

Also, here's some fascinating history in this article "The Blessed Evangelical Mary" from christianitytoday.com, which fills in a lot of the mystery surrounding Mary and Protestants and why we should avoid her no longer. 

In part 2 of our video discussion, we dig deeper into Luke and show Mary as a complex character, one who struggles to understand what is happening as Jesus matures and enters his ministry. Enjoy the discussion here:

Video discussion with Suzanne Burden on Mary for Evangelicals by Tim Perry: part 2 from Suzanne Burden on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching the video. Let's continue the conversation.

What have you recently discovered about Mary? How does she point you toward the purposes of the Kingdom?

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