Video Shorts #5: How does the gospel reclaim Eve? Priscilla's story

Teaching. Loving. Tent-making. Serving with her brothers to spread the gospel, Paul says she and her husband even put their necks on the line.  Enjoy Priscilla's story—and don't forget to pass it on. Let's spread the message of what happens when a woman's life is upended by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

First, there was Mary Magdalene's story. Then Mary of BethanyThe Samaritan Woman and The Unclean Woman. And here's the list of New Testament women to come.

Reclaiming Eve Video Shorts: Priscilla's story from Suzanne Burden on Vimeo.

These videos are made possible through the good work of videographer Ryan Schnurr. These two-minute video shorts work for individual viewing or for discussion in small groups, and they provide encouragement for girls and women about their identity and calling in the kingdom of God. Enjoy! And for the sake of setting God's daughters free, let's share these with our friends. See the share buttons below, and don't forget to sign up to receive the blog via email in the right column so you don't miss even one.

Next week: Phoebe's story.

Your turn: What about Priscilla's story do you want to emulate?

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