The video to watch on women in God's Kingdom

Join Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne as they interview Mimi Haddad, the president of Christians for Biblical Equality. (Please note that my posting this video does not mean I endorse all the views of those represented here or that I am asking you to do so. I am, however, inviting you to be challenged through this important conversation.)

This 30-min. interview will lead you back to Scripture to think carefully about God's intentions for men and women. Highlights:  • "To love God's Word is to believe that I am gifted and that I can lead, that my voice is equal with a man's voice." -Charity • An open discussion of the problem passage 1 Timothy 2:11-12 • Favorite Tony Campolo quotes: "If women are sent as foreign missionaries, then..." & "I'm foaming at the mouth..." (The humor is thrown in for free. Don't forget to join the conversation below.)

Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions presented in the interview? What will it take for  the Church to move forward in mobilizing women to lead as they are gifted, freely sharing the gospel in word and deed?

Check out the book #ReclaimingEve: “This is a watershed book that should have been written many years ago. But it is here today!  It is God’s call today to His Church for men and women in bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. This book is an ‘Unleashing Moment’ for the Church of the 21stCentury.” -Jo Anne Lyon, 
General Superintendent, 
The Wesleyan Church