These are the days when everything I’ve learned up till now begins to come together. Also fondly referred to as “the 40s.” 

My story, like yours, is one of brokenness and redemption . . .

  • I was born at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital with a disability that would both free and limit me. Through the physical limitation of lymphedema and experiencing depression, I would find freedom to discover who I was meant to be—God’s Beloved Child—a woman born to help set other women and men free.
  • As a pastor’s daughter, I learned of God’s love early and have been unlearning those aspects of his character that do not hold up under the weight of further study and experience.
  • With a penchant for words, my communication gifts led me through the nonprofit and publishing worlds and into seminary, serving as an interim pastor and chaplain, and to coauthoring the book, Reclaiming Eve, a call for every woman to realize their value in God’s eyes and to fully partner with their brothers at home, at church, and in the world.
  • I married at age 35 and experienced not only the tragedy of infertility but also adoption loss. I am discovering how to find God in the rubble of dashed dreams, and to acknowledge that he doesn’t always give me what it appears my heart desires. Still I am God’s Beloved, I am the One that Jesus loves, and he delights in me.

Consequently . . .

  • When I speak, it is from a place of deep passion and responsibility, urging others to enter the upside-down Kingdom of God as a daily practice: a place where all are welcome and we get to participate in setting things right again.
  • When I preach, I prayerfully lift up God’s word and help hearers enter his story: a place where our brokenness is turned over-and-over-again into redemption. I believe the good news of the gospel is for everyone, whether we are in the Bible’s Creation Narrative, in the gospel of John, or one of Paul’s letters to the churches. And at the center of it all is the proclamation that Jesus is—and will forevermore be—King.
  • When I write, I bleed a little, as Richard Foster has so wisely said. Consequently, I’m a thoughtful writer who lifts up the marginalized and helps people process their stories with the hope that resurrection is possible. That, in fact, redemption and hope are already upon us if we would have eyes to see.

Finally . . .

I laugh often, love much, and enter into spaces where broken people are reaching for newness and redemption. I love quiet trails, roaring oceans, bright colors and the satisfaction of playing a Sonatina on the piano. This year, we're hosting an exchange student from France who fills our home with wonder, daily cultural discoveries, and lots of laughter. As I am a grown-up now, I find I listen more, but still talk a lot when surrounded by good friends or engaged in vibrant theological discussions. I am infinitely curious about history, each person that I meet, and God’s wild and reckless desire to love each one into the Kingdom of God as a joyful, right-now reality. Thank you for visiting. I’d love to hear from you.