Speaking Topics


I enjoy speaking on what Dallas Willard called the with-God life and the adventure of full participation in the Kingdom of God, no matter our position or mission in life. Feel free to request a topic for your group or event. Here are some topics of specific interest:

  • Freeing women to reclaim Eve and live out God’s purposes and the gospel’s good news as full partners with their brothers.

  • Addressing men and women on serving as strong allies to advance God’s Kingdom of love and justice.

  • Illuminating the beauty of the Bible’s brokenness-to-redemption stories so that we might allow God to turn sorrow into anticipation for the way in which Jesus is making all things new.

  • Teaching and preaching narrative sermons on Bible characters that strengthen our faith and lead us to find purpose when life doesn’t make sense.

  • Speaking at writer’s conferences on Writing Prophetically to the World and the Church, that communicators might winsomely lead others to wake up to Kingdom ways, as we pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Contact me today to inquire about speaking at your coming church service, conference or event.